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Practice ACT Test for Sophomores and Juniors


NOVEMBER 16, 2015

9th grade and 12th grade students will attend their regularly scheduled classes and lunch without any changes

 10th and 11th grade students will take a full length practice ACT test. 

- This will assist students in preparing for college, work, and simply preparing for the real ACT. 

- ACT suggests the following general tips in preparing for the test:

1. Practice the test before you take the test.

2. Know the content areas you have not studied.

- By taking the ACT practice test SERIOUSLY on Monday November 16,  you are taking the first steps in preparing for the actual ACT.  Students will receive their score reports one week after testing.  The score reports will give you a breakdown of how you did and what you should do to prepare moving forward. (see attached sample).


10th and 11th grade students should be mindful of the following:

  • Leave bags in lockers (put them there after 1st hour)
  • Bring ID
  • Bring pencils
  • Bring calculators (Check to make sure you have an approved calculator)
  • You may bring your cell phone. It must be silenced and out of sight.
  • If possible, try to bring a lunch this day.  It is not necessary.  Students will have an opportunity to purchase school lunch.

The Schedule for  November 16th

ü  Go to first hour (9:45-10:15).

ü  Go to lunch second hour (10:20 – 10:50).

  • To accommodate all 10th and 11thgrade students eating second hour, please do the following:
    • If you brought your lunch, go to the main gym to eat.
    • If you are purchasing a lunch, go to the cafeteria.

ü  After lunch report to your testing location.

  • See the signs posted in the cafeteria, Multiple Purpose Room and Gym to find your testing location.
  • Most students will be testing in the field house.
  • Some students will test in the library/annex or other classrooms.
  • If you are not listed see Mr. Ehrmann in the counseling office.

ü  Signs will be posted starting Wednesday, 11/11 in the cafeteria and near the Dean’s office.

      Behavior expectations:     

            - Students should arrive to school on time (no later than 9:45am).

             - 10th and 11th grade students should follow the schedule above.

             - Bring all necessary materials listed above.

             - Know that disrupting the testing environment will result in immediate removal from the test and

                will result in discipline per the student code of conduct.

Please CLICK HERE for a downloadable letter and ACT summary sheet.

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