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Summer Reading Information - 2015

Information regarding Summer Reading for all grade levels can be found on the English Department's website:

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office at 224.484.5000.


The Purpose:
Research clearly shows that students experience what’s described as “the summer slide.” This means that once students leave at the end of a school year, no matter how far they’ve progressed, learning loss occurs. In fact, students typically start the new school year as many as two months behind where they ended in the previous school year. Further, this learning loss is cumulative. There’s no catching up when the new school year begins, and the gap between achievers and non-achievers only widens as the year progresses. 

In 2012, Dundee-Crown joined the hundreds of schools across the country who have committed to lessening summer learning loss with its Summer Reading Program. Designed to strengthen and maintain reading, writing and thinking skills, the English curriculum now requires all students to read one selected book over the summer and complete an assignment which is used as a starting point for their new English class. 

The Goal:
The summer reading program rests on a foundation of helping students develop the academic behaviors necessary to be successful independent learners. In high school, we encourage students to take greater responsibility for their actions by learning to set goals, manage their time, develop the independence and persistence needed to complete challenging tasks, and self-reflect on their strengths and challenges. The summer reading program addresses all of those skills and are basic academic behaviors expected of our students.  This work is designed to address and support academic skills necessary in all disciples: reading, writing, thinking, speaking and listening.

The Details:
In keeping with active learning strategies that are used in all our English classrooms, one of the best ways for a student to read a book is to interact with it by means of highlighting/annotating throughout the text. These skills are part of all our English classes, and we strongly encourage you to purchase this book, so your student practices active reading strategies and gains its benefits. These reading strategies are the difference between students acting as spectators to reading, learning and teaching, as opposed to learning to become active participants and assuming responsibility for comprehension and analysis of text.

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