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Underclass Picture Schedule

Underclass pictures will be taken Monday 12/8 through Thursday 12/11 in the Auditorium. In the table below, you will find the schedule. Note that students will be reporting for pictures with their English teacher. If you miss your assigned time, please go during ASP or Lunch.


Monday 12/8- 1st Per Monday 12/8 - 2nd Per Monday 12/8- 3rd Per Monday 12/8-4th Per Monday12/8 - 5th Per
Bichler Bichler Bichler/Kustief Bichler Vargas
Carlson Carlson Carlson Vargas  
Vargas Vargas       
Monday 12/8- 6th Per Monday 12/8 - 7th Per Monday 12/8- 8th Per Monday 12/8 - 9th Per  
  Carlson   Bichler  
Tuesday 12/9- 1st Per Tuesday 12/9 - 2nd Per Tuesday 12/9- 3rd Per Tuesday 12/9 - 4th Per Tuesday 12/9- 5th Per
Donis Hoffman Culen/Whitecotton Culen  
Harter   Harter Donis Thyfault
Hoffman Whitecotton Hoffman    
Tuesday 12/9 - 6th Per Tuesday 12/9- 7th Per Tuesday 12/9 - 8th Per Tuesday 12/9 - 9th Per  
Culen/Whitecotton Culen/Whitecotton Culen/Whitecotton Donis  
Thyfault Donis Hoffman Miller  
  Hoffman   Thyfault  
Wednesday 12/10- 1st Per Wednesday 12/10 - 2nd Per Wednesday 12/10 - 3rd Per Wednesday 12/10- 4th Per Wednesday 12/10- 5th Per
Israel Israel Pool Israel McGill
Lester Lester Paul Murray  
Pool Pool Murray    
Breese Paul      
Wednesday 12/10- 6th Per Wednesday 12/10- 7th Per Wednesday 12/10- 8th Per Wednesday 12/10 - 9th Per  
Israel Pool Paul  Israel  
Paul Murray Meredith Pool  
Murray     McGill  
Thursday 12/11- 1st Per Thursday 12/11 - 2nd Per Thursday12/11 - 3rd Per Thursday 12/11- 4th Per Thursday 12/11 - 5th Per
Kouri/Keane Markham Kouri/Keane Everett Everett/Kustief
Burkiewicz Woodbury Everett Kustief Tubbs
Tubbs  Tubbs Burkiewicz Tubbs  
    Kustief Kustief  
Thursday 12/11 - 6th Per Thursday 12/11- 7th Per Thursday12/11 - 8th Per Thursday 12/11- 9th Per  
Kouri Everett Kouri/Keane Kouri/Keane  
Markham   Markham Everett/Kustief  
Burkiewicz   Tubbs Markham  
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